We at Rivers Coaching apply a black, queer, crip, womanist liberatory lens to all of the work that we carry out, and believe it to be an approach that we all should take if liberation is truly the goal.

We aim to change the status quo by coaching radicals in the public sector, social sector and beyond.  We believe that if we can work with those already positioned and wanting to make a change, helping them with strategy, empowerment and connecting them to resources, they can start to disrupt and dismantle structures at a local level. Their provision can become more radical, helping to shift power from the government and local authorities to the communities they are meant to serve.

We are working toward a world where all people are free of the mental shackles that keep us upholding oppressive systems meant to destroy us - free of White Supremacy, Capitalism and Patriarchy. A world where we live with dignity and real choice, partaking in society as our whole selves.

Our dream is to work without restriction with radicals, supporting them in a holistic approach to inner work. We challenge thinking and processes while facilitating healing and reconnecting with humanity.

Marginalised communities should be the architects of their own future. They have the voice, imagination, critical consciousness, confidence, and the coordination to demand what they want, and claim it. 


Who are you in this moment?

How have the journeys you have been on led you to who you are now?

As you answer, pay attention to how your body is reacting physically.

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