We have three questions that we would like you to sit with and answer honestly:

  1. Is your organisation bolstering systems of oppression?
  2. Are you prepared to do the work to learn, heal, and centre those folks who have been most impacted by oppression?
  3. Are you ready to disrupt the current systems, while simultaneously reimagining new transformative ones?

If the answer is yes (and it should be), then we are here to support you on that journey.

We offer our liberatory coaching and facilitation services to those within the social sector, public sector and private sector. Our offering ranges from radical reimagining sessions to action learning sets, to the facilitation of organisational task forces.  

Our work together could look like:

  • A mixture of one-one and group coaching
  • Leadership coaching- covering such things as explorations of power, conflict, anti-oppression and capacity building
  • Staff training on political education, community, collective decision-making, Afrofuturism, trauma, and pathologising white supremacy
  • Support in creating organisational processes and system design
  • Facilitating the bringing together of all stakeholders within an organisation to build new worlds
  • Whole organisation healing and purging circles, designed through a somatic and Afrocentric lens.


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