Our work will always centre communities that have historically been and continue to be persistently oppressed by systems of white supremacy.

We have three questions that we would like you to sit with and answer honestly:

  1. How is your (ability to) work being impacted by white supremacist systems?
  2. How is trauma showing up in your body?
  3. Would you like support in reimagining radical, liberatory projects, while at the same time being supported in creating the tools to heal in the current system?

We love to work with individuals like you, especially those marginalised bodies who often face violence in all areas of their lives. You are the individuals who dedicate so much of yourselves to the collective greater good, crafting a path out of a very muddy existence. But, who holds you? Who helps you to keep going in a way that is transformative, affirming, collective, and expansive. Rivers Coaching does! It is our aim to curate brave, safer spaces where you can bring your full selves.

Our work with you could look like:

  • One-to-one coaching  
  • Cultivating a sustainable practice
  • Development of a personal political education
  • An exploration of rage, somatic experiencing, and tools for healing
  • The studying of indigenous rituals as part of your journey to reimagine your own creative and cultural parctices
  • Social justice coaching to support you in the shaping alternative systems
  • Developing liberatory strategies for handling the power dynamics of the systems within which you currently exist


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