We have three questions that we would like you to sit with and answer honestly:

  1. Is the health, healing, and ability to thrive without barriers for all of your stakeholders at the core of your educational establishment’s vision?
  2. Do you want to create a safe, revolutionary environment within which critical thinking within young people is nurtured through a ‘guide on the side’ approach to teaching?
  3. Are you ready to dream, plan and implement a transformative, holistic, trauma-sensitive approach to education?

If yes, then we are here to support you on this journey.

With over twenty years of experience in the education sector in a variety of capacities, we will approach your institution with a micro and macro-level understanding, sensitivity, and education-specific tools. Using a personalised, strategic, liberatory stakeholder-centred approach, we coach to empower leaders, classroom teachers and all other actors within impacted by the education system. Our work takes place in classrooms, school halls, at the local authority, and international level. 

Our work with you could look like:

  • Full staff radical reimagining training
  • Blended coaching and facilitation
  • Political education
  • Individual coaching programmes for school leaders- we support headteachers and school leadership to interrogate the existing structures that they operate within, and then to radically reimagine and begin to implement what their school environment could be.
  • Classroom teacher - we support classroom teachers. We use a combination of lesson observation and data collection alongside coaching sessions, to help teachers gain an objective, non-judgemental view of what is happening in their lessons
  • Group coaching - we facilitate a space that allows teams to purge, heal, learn, dream, and build together
  • Organisational redesign and implementation support
  • Community (stakeholder) townhalls


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