They say the people could fly…some of the people knew magic. And they would walk up on the air like climbing up on a gate. And they flew like blackbirds over the fields.

- Virginia Hamilton

At Rivers Coaching, we adopt an abolitionist liberatory coaching lens.

Why liberatory?

Because we are moving towards a world that is free of oppression of any kind. Liberatory coaching builds critical consciousness, as the coachee designs a world that is transformative and holistic; a world that centres marginalised bodies.

Why coaching? 


We support people in disrupting systems of white supremacy. We will give you the time, space and radical questioning and format to objectively consider your place in the world. Our collaboration begins with an exploration of the individual before we move on to the organisational and societal level. We then create the support as you create the tools to disrupt, rage, heal, and reimagine. We connect in classrooms, organisations’ buildings, in parks, community centres, via Zoom, and in spaces that feel safer (especially for marginalised communities).

Our tools include:

  • Action learning sets
  • Facilitation
  • Intersectional justice training
  • Anti-oppression centring of black, queer, disabled bodies
  • Somatic practices
  • Ancestral rituals
  • Storytelling
  • Conflict transformation
  • Rage and healing workshops

Working with us will provide you with:

  • coaching at all levels within your organisation for the creation of your employees' own individual, radical visions which will work in tandem with your organisation's greater goals
  • a bespoke experience, that will provide mental, spiritual and physical development, leading to a refining of and confidence in using your liberatory offerings
  • space where you are listened to and challenged
  • the tools to dissect and critically engage with your (organisation's) current vision/practices, before supporting you in moving on to create a new radical vision
  • a connection with your strengths, including ancestral, embodied, and creative

What we require of you is the bringing of your full selves, an openness to a radically new way of approaching ‘work’, and a willingness to try/fail/try/fail as we traverse together the path to liberation.


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