We endeavour to fight for healing, rest and joy, that will shape the new narrative for all people.

Act like an activist. You know? Active!

- Tariq Trotter

What does our activism look like?

Our activism looks backward and forward, while moving in the present.

We’re about getting everyone we interact with to do the inner work necessary to connect with their humanity, empathy and sense of justice.

We read, listen to and reflect on our ancestors, elders and colleagues who have shared their experiences and visions.

We talk to the babies about the world they dream of and imagine with them.

We use our skills to support and connect radicals across sectors.


How we can shape your activism

We use our skills as coaches to empower those we work with to find their radical voice. One-to-one coaching, group coaching, group workshops, training, roundtables and data collection are all tools we use to help reach this aim of a raised critical consciousness. 

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